About Gwen


From early childhood in western Massachusetts, the urge to create has been insistent. Over the years I have been fortunate to study art concepts and fundamentals with many excellent teachers allowing me to expand my knowledge, talent, and skills. I currently paint in both oils and watercolor, sometimes expanding my horizons to include other mediums.

The beauty and diversity in life has led me to the desire for visual expression. The quality of light holds me captive, not only in the simple delight of it, but in a visceral reaction of wonder. Seeing man-made structures that blend into their natural surroundings and seem to “belong” pleases my eye. Beginnings and endings occuring in nature tell me wonderful stories. I want to share these moments and invite the viewer into my paintings to experience these things from their own perspective.

My work has found homes in many areas of the country. I have shown in Key West, Jacksonville and Orange Park, FL; Newport and Wickford, RI; northern California; Norfolk, VA and the Upper Valley and surrounding area in New Hampshire. Creating art is a combination of highs and lows, exhilaration and doubt, hard work, intense focus and pure joy.